Mujadara (Rice and lentils-The Jordanian Way)

for 5 portions

2 cups brown lentils
2cups calrose rice or any starchy,fat grain rice
6 medium onions -about 1kg
½ cup vermicelli noodles
½ tspn salt
Vegetable oil to fry the onions


1. Cut 3 onions into thin slices and fry until golden then takeout and place on a paper towel covered plate
2. ½ boil the brown lentiles in a pot on medium fire for around 15 minutes
3. Soak the rice for 30 minutes in hot water and then add it to the pot along with the brown lentiles
4. Fry the vermicelli using vegetables oil until golden and add to the pot
5. Add the fried onions to the pot and mix all the ingredients together
6. Sprinkle salt on top and mix again
7. Leave the mixture for half an hour on medium fire until the rice is cooked and ready
8. For dressing cut 6 onions into thin slices and fry until golden, then place on the paper towel to get rid of the extra oil
9.Take the mixture and place in a plate for serving.Sprinkle the onions of top