5 Ingredient Broccoli Soup

5 Ingredient Broccoli Soup  


1 large or two medium broccoli clusters

Salt (2 tsp.)

Ground Black Pepper  for seasoning

Water or vegetable stock

2 tbsp Olive Oil


Bring water to your boil in a very large stock pot. Add a large pinch of salt (1 – 1 1/2 Tbsp.).

Add broccoli and boil rapidly.

Your broccoli is completed cooking when you are able pierce it with minimal effort. Remove the stock pan in the stove burner. DO NOT POUR THE WATER OUT!

Use a slotted spoon to include broccoli to a blender

Pour enough in the water leftover from cooking the broccoli to fill the blender halfway.

Add a pinch (or even more) of salt.

Use several pulses with your blender to interrupt the broccoli up after which puree for a few seconds.

If you are making the flamboyant version, serve with a perfectly poached egg and some toasted crusty sour dough bread

Pour soup into shallow bowl. Drizzle lightly with olive oil and serve at the same time! Bon Appetit!